Thursday, April 18, 2013

Revealed: 1962 Paper The CIA Guess That Big Deal In Big Data

Central Intelligence Agency last week published the first time, "Far-Out Some thoughts on Computer", a 1962 internal document that shows how desperate the body is to maximize the power of data for Cold War spying purposes. ". Thunder "The author, CIA analyst and self-described" computer entertainment "Orrin Clotworthy, clearly illustrated daunting undertaking data analysis and computer modeling to predict the future-what the intelligence community is now called Here, the Highlights: Predicting the masses of human behavior "with conviction" Where we left the technology [computer] processing, but the behavioral sciences 'laboratory,' where only a faint beginning has been made in the application of this technique to analyze the physical sciences. We are certainly a lot of knowledge about the causes and effects that allow us to predict human behavior with the belief that the true masses. However, there is increasing optimism among scholars that we will one day be able to predict the behavior of large groups of people with reasonable limits, considering the steps accurately and timely factors.On some signs track sales plum brandy to predict the change of regime BalkansLet thought, for example, we find very high correlation between popularity between Yugoslavia and Tito slivovitz consumption in the country: when the absorption per capita up, stock down. As long as we do not know it and he does not, we get the advantage to collect accurate data on boozing between Yugoslavia. To keep our interest see, we resort to the secret collection strategy, because once he learned it and know the reason why, he may adopt preventive measures, such as treating consumption figures. Variations of this game is endless.Call duty-Gaming Force enemyThe already been experimenting for years with a mock-up of the strategic air combat, using a computer to simulate the clash between the surprise of the intercontinental air and space force attacks and counter-attacks and defensive power source country. While ... This game is a great value as a learning tool, it is much more than that. Using a computer realistic alternative test strategy, and emerging aerospace doctrine. And time is not too far when fresh intelligence about the capabilities of potential enemies and fight sequence, was inserted into the computer as it is received, will change constantly changing design for counter-intelligence strategy.Artificial best if the importance 2000Theoretically guarantee the people this year, they should be to reduce the mathematical terms and electronics store in the most prominent memory of experiences and reactions to the situation observed varied. It is situated in the brain to undergo a range of hypothetical scenarios, they are then able to read the reactions to events likely hypothesis. Here the problem of storage alone is not conclusive. Even more significantly the task of teaching a computer to ignore some stimuli, while others respond. As you read this article you can ignore the AC noise nearby. It will be some time before machines can be taught to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant, even basic mode. However, the said in 2000, I can not bet against it.

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