Tuesday, April 23, 2013

harassed Company veterans' wait 128 days for the U.S. Agency Decision

Small business declined from the

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Contract Program

wait more than four months to respond to their appeal. Lawmakers and veterans advocates' is criticized

agents in recent years, saying that it did not help a small, veteran

owned company won the job through preferential offer

Congress intended the program. While VA has accelerated processing for the first time

applicant, it takes on average 128 days for small companies

to get a final decision on their request for reconsideration,

According to government statistics released in congress

heard yesterday. Agencies have backlog "of legitimate companies trying

so certified, "Representative Mike Coffman, Colorado

Republican, said. "While the goal may be to correct VA

Location, regulatory action to put a lot of veterans

Losses "Coffman. is the chairman of the House Veterans Affairs'

Subcommittee on oversight and investigation, held

a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Small Business

contracting. The program should increase the chances of a contract

for former U.S. troops, many who served in Iraq and

Afghanistan. Without completing the verification process, the company

VA will not be able to win a job reserved for veteran-owned

business. Thousands of small businesses are denied

body because it increases effort in 2011 to prevent

not eligible companies from getting jobs under the preferential

programs offered. Millions Lost lengthy review process has resulted in millions of dollars

the lost contracts for several companies and has forced some veterans

owner of the lay-off of workers while they waited for approval, says Davy

Leghorn, a Washington-based assistant director of the American

Legion Economic Division. "In some cases, the company lost the contract is awarded,

resulting in layoffs, "testified Leghorn. "The American Legion

can not stress enough how this process can be detrimental to

Veterans and their families "VA. became faster initially approved

application of veteran-owned small business, said Tom

Leney, director of the Office of Small and Disadvantaged VA

Businesses use. It took on average 46 days for a decision

February, compared with more than 130 days at some point in

2011, Leney testify. "We have overcome many challenges and

weakness, "he told lawmakers. 5000 VA Program Company has more than 5,000 veteran-owned small

business and has helped distribute more than $ 3.8 billion

contract company, Leney said. A 2010 law requires the VA to do more to ensure veterans

control of their company. Rigorous process followed by a report

fraud in the program, including cases where the veteran

"Fronting" or claiming to manage a company powered by

others. The Government Accountability Office, Congress

investigative arm, criticized the VA to develop strategies

planning efforts verification agency does not include details

purposes. "One long-term goal is to develop and maintain

The operation 'best-in-show', "GAO said in a report yesterday.

"But the VA strategic plan does not specify such operations or

provide relevant standards or metrics to determine what has

is achieved. "VA certification becomes becomes important

for large contractors and other federal agencies view it as

seal of approval for a veteran who assumed ownership of the company for

work, said Marc Goldschmitt, a consultant Reston, Virginia-based

and a veteran helping business owners with verification

process. The result is that the program snub "achieve good

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