Monday, April 29, 2013

Build Your Home workspace

Home Office Furniture, Equipment and Supplies

Here's a handy list to help you determine the tools, equipment, and supplies you'll need (Figure 7.5). The list is very comprehensive, it is likely that you do not need all the features. If your budget is a concern, you can prioritize the items and only buy what you need most to get a revenue generating business and profits immediately and then buy other items such as your furniture and filing cabinets earn.Office EquipmentDesk comfortable chairs Jobs / computer desk ( s) and work lighting Desktop Client sits overhead calculatorso fireproof safe and Pocket Whiteboard Wall bookcase meter box and the shipping label maker wastebasket Radio markersStorage photocopy paper shredder Insulated Air Conditioner Windows Recycle Bin Desktop Space heater fan outside the house courier delivery box alarm system Fire extinguisher Smoke Yellow Pages White Pages Telephone decorationsBusiness Rechargeable Flashlight directorTelephone Office and the book industry and product catalogs Reference Directory Computers and AccessoriesDesktop computer, keyboard, mouse, and monitor or UPS Printer ScannerNotebook laptop modem router Wireless Palm organizer PowerPoint projector digital camera USB flash drive and the user's computer equipment

Computer Software

Processing program or programs specifically BrandWord __________________________________________________ Accounting software contact management software database management software ___________________________________________________________________________ Website Website building software maintenance software ___________________________________________________________________________ E-commerce payment processing software inventory management software software tracking _________________________ __________________________________________________ Delivering Desktop Publishing software Multimedia software antivirus software ___________________________________________________________________________ CD storage cases fireproof lock box (disc) _________________________ Industry-specific software programs CommunicationsDedicated _________________________ Home Office phone line or internet connection dedicated line or toll-free fax line / Fax Number Cordless Phone Answering Machine / wireless telephone headset SpeakerphoneCell (perhaps with Internet features) Tape recorder Paging Telephone (services may multiline) with business features and functionsHome General Office Supplies Business card (paper) Business Cards (CD) EnvelopesPromotional item (eg, pen) Mailing labels LetterheadPostage Index card catalog CD DVD Printer Cartridge Out pen pencil box / file ErasersAccordion file labels and file folder marker tab by Pencil Pencil Sharpener Hanging file holder clips Note Pad Printer Paper Fax Paper Hole Puncher Stapler / staples / staple remover Packing Paper Scissors Cutter GlueRing rubber band fastener tapeTape Cleaning supplies

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