Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The growing needs of academic audit

What Academic Transcription? Academic Transcription is the process of converting audio and video to format text. This includes lessons, thesis, lectures, seminars and dissertation transcription.

Academic reasons is classified as a category under transcription services because of the jargon used in the academic field is very specific. Therefore, only those who are trained and understand the technical language used in the textbooks, theses, and dissertations etc in the verbal section of the text you write with accuracy.

So who all require academic transcription services? There is an ever growing list of people who need these services, but requires more than all these services by people in the industry of study or in any way related to it. Include

1. Lecturers and teachers - Lecturers, teachers and coaches training record their lessons especially for future reference purposes. Recording is done by using the voice recorder voice recorder like the Olympus or Sony voice recorder. This recorder has a built-in memory and can record hours worth of audio lessons in one go, thus making them perfect for recording lessons and training sessions.

Once the recording is completed, the sermon may have to write a text format that is suitable as a PDF file or a Word document. The lecturers and teachers can then publish in the journal section of university transcripts, keep them for future reference, share with others in your niche or their community and make a permanent back up to DVD or CD.

2. Sometimes prefer students to record their dissertations and theses. A dissertation or thesis is a document submitted in support of candidates for a degree or professional qualification presenting the author of the study and findings. In some countries universities, the word thesis or a cognate is used as part of an undergraduate or master's program, while generally applied to a doctoral dissertation.

Once the recording process is complete, the file is then forwarded to the transcriber. One of the main advantages of the thesis or dissertation transcription is that, then converted to text, you can pass the student transcript with a professional proofreader thesis.

3. Tagapagpananaliksik - When working on the theory and conducting experiments, researchers and PhD students made progress and observe the data using a voice recorder. Voice recorder is used, because the researchers did not have time to write any element or theory and is generally easier and faster to record the use of a portable voice recorder.

At the end of the study session or a time frame such as a week, a large number may have recorded audio needs to be transcribed. Recorder file is then sent to the academic transcription services company. Once the transcription process is complete, the transcript is then used for documentation purposes.

In addition to teachers, researchers, lecturers, trainers and students, people who hold educational programs and discussions on Internet technologies such as webinars, podcasts and blogs require academic transcription services also.


Services Academic transcripts carved a niche for itself in the transcription industry. Those who use the service because it will help them to save time and focus on areas that require maximum attention - that is the main area of ​​their work. As more and more people are joining in the education industry, more and more growth in this sector will see in the future.

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