Thursday, March 20, 2014

Containment of head lice

Do not let the idea of ​​lice paralyze you. Although very extensive, and most of the kids will get it at some point in their lives, lice are not caused by being dirty. Fleas straight very easily spread among the population. Although they do not jump or fly, direct contact can cause others to infection.

Contacts can be a hat or a scarf from an infected person. Even a simple hello can hug your head touches the other. A point to note is that the lice are a nuisance and not a health risk.

Even the blood-sucking parasites, lice do not carry disease like mosquitoes. The biggest problem that causes the flea infestation is a shame to have them in the first place. But as soon as someone in your family has lice, you need to take immediate and decisive action to limit the potential spread of lice.

Consider this action as a pre-emptive strike against the invaders ticks. The first order of business should be to limit the potential for others in the family to become infected. This is done by ...

1. Limit the outbreak area. Try to limit the person with lice from the common area of ​​the house. They can sit on the couch, then the eggs can fall only to be retrieved later by another family member. The result was 2 years with fleas, not one. Remain limited until you get a quality shampoo and treat the drug problem head lice.

2. Limit area that could arise in contact with lice or their eggs in other children. This means that the parents' bedroom with fleas limits until treated. A sloppy moment where someone can lie in bed opens the opportunity for other infections. Fleas make people who do not participate in another room, if only as a precaution.

Remember that lice do not fly or jump great distances. We can only survive a few days without food the fleas. This means that left to themselves, fleas die naturally. But the problem is that the nits or eggs can incubate for a week or more before hatching. The point here is not to worry about fleas attack but be careful.

3. Remove all combs, brushes, hair care products for direct contact with the hair. This means the hair bands, bobby pins, clips etc. All should be put in a plastic bag and sealed until they are sterilized. Be sure to also wash the table that can be put brush. You can never be to careful in dealing with a lice infestation.

4. Remove all jackets, scarves and other outerwear that can be used. If you hang in a common closet, remove all jacket for a good wash. Once again, you can not be careful.

Even considering that many people are some of the tactics exaggerated, the reality is that a single female flea can store up to 200 eggs per month, it means that the potential for hundreds of thousands of eggs and adults infect your home within 2-3 months.

Do not risk it. Contain the problem then work to treat each region in a systematic way and as soon as you are home free once again ticks.

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